Why should you prepare
for your Test, Assessment Center, or Interview?

  • Your competition is!
  • A promotion will mean thousands of dollars to you and your family per year and, potentially, hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement benefits over your lifetime!
  • Your civil service, city, county, and/or consultant conducting the test will not tell you everything about what you need to do and to say to be successful and at the top of the promotional list!
  • Your orientation will leave out key information - the behaviors you need to demonstrate to put you in the "promotable range!"
  • You need a plan to handle this process - we'll give you that plan and give you practice material to hone your skills!
  • Your competition is!

Why Rockhill & Halton, Inc.?

  • Other internet sites, online training, and books claim to provide information, guidance, and material to help you with your Written Examination, Oral Interview, and/or Assessment Center preparation. The fact is, a "one size fits all" approach or a limited menu of test and exercise training options will be of little help to you and may even harm your chances for promotion.
  • Each testing consultant hired by employers has their own style and technique. Each city, county, and state doing their own testing has a unique system. These differences may require different strategies and materials to enhance your preparation for success. No trainer or online site other than RHI offers as wide of an array of training and practice material specific to many consultants!