Subordinate Performance Presentation Exercise (E. B. Jacobs) is an exercise unique to the consulting firm of E. B. Jacobs.  It is similar to the more traditional employee discussion type of role play exercise done by the Jacobs company that is more often called the “Subordinate Conference Exercise.”  In the “Subordinate Conference Exercise,” the format is interactive with an assessor playing the role of your subordinate, but in the “Subordinate Performance Exercise” version, there is no interaction and the candidate merely presents to the assessors how he/she intends to handle the situation with the subordinate.  During a preparation phase, information about problems with the subordinate(s) is reviewed by the candidate, and the material consists of a page or so of information about the subordinate’s problems/issues.  However, instead of meeting with a subordinate role player to resolve the issues, the candidate makes an oral presentation to the assessor panel.  It is important to note that the candidate is NOT to pretend that he/she is making this presentation to a superior, but merely informing the assessors of the candidate’s analysis of the problems and what the candidate intends to do to address them.  The exercise is “static” in that no additional information is given to the candidate once he/she participates in the preparation phase of the exercise, and there is no human interaction during the presentation phase nor questions posed to the candidate during or following the presentation.  This module includes 11 practice situations.

Each of our Assessment Center/Interview Training Modules include:

  • A PowerPoint slide presentation, along with Mr. Rockhill’s voice-over talking you through what you need to know, do, and say to prepare for and to excel in your test, structured oral interview, or assessment center.  This includes a detailed description of the exercises and techniques used by the consultant conducting your Assessment Center/Interview (if available) or detailed descriptions of our Universal products.
  • Step-by-step "How To" instructions for each type of Assessment Center Exercise/Interview.  No other preparation firm can match our detail.
  • Printable practice Assessment Center Exercises and/or Interview Questions.
  • Each exercise/interview question set is selected according to the consultant conducting your Assessment Center or according to the style of Assessment Center conducted by many departments and consultants.
  • Each exercise includes either an exercise model, performance checklist, and/or a suggested responses guide.

Price: $75.00