Structured Interview (may be called "Oral Board" or "Structured Oral Interview") The IOS version of this exercise allows for your responses to questions/scenarios to be developed during a preparation period in which the candidate is given all of the questions/scenarios with one exception -- the "hot call" tactical scenario.  This "hot call" question/scenario is either given to the candidate at the very end of the preparation period or just prior to entering the interview room.  The questions can vary in form.  Situational questions are hypothetical scenarios (dealing with ethics, organizational issues, personnel management problems, or tactical incidents).  General/Organizational questions can involve the candidate's traits/characteristics as well as probing the candidate's knowledge about the agency/organization and its procedures.  Experience-Based questions ask the candidate to discuss his/her real-world past experience and handling of problems/events, but IOS will almost certainly NOT ask this type of question.  The Oral Resume question is experience-based, but its open format allows the candidate to discuss any past accomplishments, achievements, or experiences he/she feels is indicative of his/her readiness or preparation for the target job, and IOS frequently includes this question in its structured interview format.  This module includes 189 practice questions.

Each of our Assessment Center/Interview Training Modules include:

  • A PowerPoint slide presentation, along with Mr. Rockhill’s voice-over talking you through what you need to know, do, and say to prepare for and to excel in your test, structured oral interview, or assessment center.  This includes a detailed description of the exercises and techniques used by the consultant conducting your Assessment Center/Interview (if available) or detailed descriptions of our Universal products.
  • Step-by-step "How To" instructions for each type of Assessment Center Exercise/Interview.  No other preparation firm can match our detail.
  • Printable practice Assessment Center Exercises and/or Interview Questions.
  • Each exercise/interview question set is selected according to the consultant conducting your Assessment Center or according to the style of Assessment Center conducted by many departments and consultants.
  • Each exercise includes either an exercise model, performance checklist, and/or a suggested responses guide.

Price: $50.00