Role Play Exercise (may be called an "employee discussion," "subordinate interview," "counseling exercise," “subordinate conference exercise,” "staff meeting," "conflict resolution exercise," "customer service," "complaint," "community meeting" exercise etc.) begins with a preparation phase in which the candidate reviews information about the subordinate(s), complaint(s), and/or the problem(s).  This exercise will take one of two forms: 1) a fully-interactive role play from the onset of the exercise to the end OR 2) a "semi-role play" in which the only "role play" comes in the form of questions from role players or the assessors acting the part of the audience following the candidate's initial presentation. In the fully-interactive version, the candidate meets with the subordinate(s) or citizen(s) (trained role players or assessors acting as role players) in a give-and-take fashion to work out a plan to resolve the problem(s), address complaints, or improve performance. In the "semi-role play" version, the candidate will make an uninterrupted presentation with a Q-A session to follow.  With either version, there is a remote possibility that there may be a written report/memo completed by the candidate following the meeting.  This module will cover both versions and includes 29 practice exercises.

Each of our Assessment Center/Interview Training Modules include:

  • A PowerPoint slide presentation, along with Mr. Rockhill’s voice-over talking you through what you need to know, do, and say to prepare for and to excel in your test, structured oral interview, or assessment center.  This includes a detailed description of the exercises and techniques used by the consultant conducting your Assessment Center/Interview (if available) or detailed descriptions of our Universal products.
  • Step-by-step "How To" instructions for each type of Assessment Center Exercise/Interview.  No other preparation firm can match our detail.
  • Printable practice Assessment Center Exercises and/or Interview Questions.
  • Each exercise/interview question set is selected according to the consultant conducting your Assessment Center or according to the style of Assessment Center conducted by many departments and consultants.
  • Each exercise includes either an exercise model, performance checklist, and/or a suggested responses guide.

Price: $50.00