This product is specifically tailored for Milwaukee P. D. Detective candidates.


Milwaukee Police Department Detective promotional candidates will have the opportunity to take advantage of our knowledge and experience by taking our Online Instruction and preparing with our Talogy/PSI Oral Board and Career Review Board Training “how to,” materials, practice exercises, and oral board questions.

This is the most thorough, comprehensive instruction for a Talogy/PSI Oral Board and Career Review Board process available anywhere from any training firm or online company!

This package contains 3 Talogy/PSI-Style training Modules. (The modules are: Introduction to Assessment Centers/Oral Boards; the Role Play Exercise (Witness, Victim or Suspect Interview); and the Career Review Board Examination).
Each Oral Board Exercise Training Module contains multiple practice exercises as printable attachments so that you can practice and hone your skills once your viewing (and re-viewing) of each instructional “how to” Training Module has been completed.

PLEASE NOTE:  After purchase, you will receive a message that indicates that you can only view your product for 14 days. The message you receive is a standard response and does not apply to your purchase of this package. You will have 8 weeks to view your modules. If you have any difficulty, please contact us right away.

Each of our Oral Board/Career Review Board Training Modules include:

  • A PowerPoint slide presentation, along with Mr. Rockhill’s voice-over talking you through what you need to know, do, write and/or say to prepare for and to excel in your Oral Board.  This includes a detailed description of the exercises and techniques used by the consultant conducting your Oral Board.
  • Step-by-step "How To" instructions for each type of Career Review Board and/or Oral Board component.  No other preparation firm can match our detail.
  • Printable practice Oral Board Exercises and/or Interview Questions.
  • Each exercise/interview question set is selected according to the Talogy/PSI process.
  • Each interactive exercise includes either an exercise model, performance checklist, and/or a suggested responses guide.

Rockhill & Halton, Inc. has no connection (official or otherwise) with the any of the consultants listed on our website, and our material is wholly created by Rockhill & Halton, Inc. to better prepare you for your Examination/Assessment Center/Interview.


Price: $79.00