Description: Employee Meeting (Presentation) Exercise (I/O Solutions) is an exercise unique to the consulting firm of I/O Solutions (IOS).  This exercise is similar to a more traditional employee discussion type of role play exercise in that information about problems with the subordinate(s) is reviewed by the candidate during a preparation period, and the material consists of 2-10 pages (a description of a subordinate's performance issues or perhaps multiple pages including e-mails, letters, etc.).  However, instead of meeting with the subordinate in a completely interactive, give-and-take role play to resolve the issues, the candidate makes an oral presentation to assessors to include an analysis of the problems, how he/she would conduct a meeting with the subordinate, and what the candidate intends to do to address the issues.  This exercise is typically NOT in a semi-role play format unless so indicated in IOS's exercise instructions.  The exercise is “static” in that no additional information is given to the candidate once he/she participates in the preparation phase of the exercise.  There may be a 5-minute Question-Answer session following the candidate's presentation.  This module includes 7 practice exercises.

Each of our Assessment Center/Interview Training Modules include:

  • A PowerPoint slide presentation, along with Mr. Rockhill’s voice-over talking you through what you need to know, do, and say to prepare for and to excel in your test, structured oral interview, or assessment center.  This includes a detailed description of the exercises and techniques used by the consultant conducting your Assessment Center/Interview (if available) or detailed descriptions of our Universal products.
  • Step-by-step "How To" instructions for each type of Assessment Center Exercise/Interview.  No other preparation firm can match our detail.
  • Printable practice Assessment Center Exercises and/or Interview Questions.
  • Each exercise/interview question set is selected according to the consultant conducting your Assessment Center or according to the style of Assessment Center conducted by many departments and consultants.

Price: $50.00