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MORRIS-MCDANIEL TRAINING MODULES (Police Detective / Investigator)

Morris & McDaniel, Inc., as do most Test/Assessment Center companies, will conduct a “live” orientation session or two with candidates (or you will have access to a prerecorded video session) and provide candidates with a Candidate Orientation Guide booklet well in advance of the Assessment Center.  In the document, Morris & McDaniel will describe the types of exercises they intend to use in the process, and they will devote a page or two to each; and there are usually three exercises which make up the Assessment Center, although that could vary with your particular process.  We recommend that you hold off purchasing our training module(s) until you have had the orientation or at least reviewed the video and/or guide.  This vendor frequently uses the Situational Exercise.  Knowing what the exercises will be will streamline your learning/practice as well as make it more affordable.  As to your actual Assessment Center, Morris & McDaniel exclusively uses a process in which candidates’ oral responses in each exercise are video-recorded for later evaluation; therefore, you can expect no contact whatsoever with the assessors before and/or after your exercise performance.  In fact, the process is quite impersonal as there is no human contact except with proctors.

Rockhill & Halton, Inc. has no official connection with Morris & McDaniel, and our material is wholly created by Rockhill & Halton, Inc. to better prepare you for your Examination/Assessment Center/Interview.  Please note that our training material is based on the format frequently used by this consultant.