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With more than 25 years spent compiling information about the styles and techniques of the various major consultants conducting promotional testing and assessment for emergency services, our team has a level of instruction experience, expertise, and practice material unmatched anywhere else.

Now, you have the opportunity to take advantage of this knowledge by taking our Online Instruction and practicing with our many assessment exercises and/or oral board questions targeted for your promotional process. You have two ways to select modules and practice material.

Option 1

You may choose instructions and materials specific to the following consultants*:

  • CPS Human Resource Services
  • CWH Management Solutions
  • E.B. Jacobs
  • Ergometrics & Applied Personnel Research, Inc.
  • FirstIdea
  • I/O Solutions (IOS)
  • Morris & McDaniel, Inc.
  • PSI Services
  • Talogy

Option 2

If your organization is using a consultant not listed above, is using a local consultant or is conducting its own process, no problem! Choose from universal instruction modules and materials to prepare you for the unique nature of your examination, assessment center or oral interview.

Rockhill & Halton's Online Instruction

Our Online Instruction provides promotional candidates with strategies and performance suggestions, which you can tailor for the process in which you will compete. It also contains all of the practice material you will need to hone your skills and put our performance suggestions to use. In addition to Assessment Center and Structured Interview practice exercises/questions, we are also offering Police Written Examination test questions and Fire Written Examination Test Questions from selected textbooks for your practice.

Getting Started

Choose a category below to enter our portal to view our available training modules and exercise materials.

*Rockhill & Halton, Inc. has no official connection with the consultants listed above, and our material is wholly created by Rockhill & Halton, Inc. to better prepare you for your Examination/Assessment Center/Interview.